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Working in Partnership with
War Child


Cemal + Ali, we are two Kurdish best friends born in Turkey and have lived in Hackney (East London) our whole lives, we launched 215Hackney Cafe/Restaurant serving Middle Eastern Food from Isreal, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Kurdistan. We decided to partner with WarChild UK to support children affected by wars from all around the world and donate 20% of our profits. OUR DOORS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED BUT OUR CHARITABLE WORK WILL CONTINUE.

As of 17th March we decided to shut our doors to help fight the Corona Virus spread in line with the Governments Strategy, us shutting our doors does not mean we need to sit back and wait for the Government alone to tackle the issue - we as citizens of London need to stand by each other and do whatever we can to support any institutions directly fighting the pandemic. Where we all need to stay inside to protect our selves and also our loved ones whom are within the high risk category - we strongly believe some of us need to support and protect the amazing humans risking their lives to save ours.

We are now looking to raise money to support the courageous + amazing NHS front line staff who are and will be working tirelessly around the clock to take care of anyone who falls ill from the Corona Virus Pandemic.

All funds raised will be used to pay for food, supplies and staff who will be cooking and delivering the food to Local Hospitals such as Homerton, Whipps Cross, Royal Free and North Middlesex - we will deliver food to any hospital staff in need of food to either eat during working hours or take home after a long hard shift taking care of patients and risking their own health/lives.

The team at 215Hackney has decided to use our resources and abilities to support the NHS staff through this historically difficult time.

As an independent business we value the common morals of helping the local community. We’re in this together and now is the time we all unite and show solidarity.

We will be providing constant updates regarding progress and our efforts to support the NHS Front Line Staff - if anyone wants to reach out to us directly and knows any hospitals or people in need please do not hesitate to email me direct on cemal@215hackney.co.uk.

This moment shall not break us but will only bring us closer


About us

215 Hackney is a local casual cafe/restaurant created by two best friends from Hackney, Ali + Cemal (both from the Mesopotamia region of the Middle East which is known as the modern day Kurdistan) have lived in Hackney N16 for over 28 years and continue to live there, being best friends from the age of 6 both decided to quit their jobs and pursue a career in business. Ali + Cemal studied together at Tyssen Primary School @Oldhill Street and then moved onto study at Stoke Newington Secondary School @Church Street. Both Ali + Cemal have great love for the area which they’ve created amazing memories in. As a result they decided to open their 4th café in their local area serving Middle Eastern dishes. The menu is created by our head chef Erdal Atas from Diyarbakir eastern Turkey, a culinary artist with vast knowledge of the Middle Eastern region which has travelled and worked in the region for many years. Our second head chef Mr Furkan Hakyemez has experience from top restaurants in Istanbul and Middle East, he has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and has his heart set on creating vibrant dishes by mixing fine dining methods with street food tastes.

The breakfast + brunch menu celebrates the cuisines from the Middle East region with influences from Tel Aviv's street food to Syrian delicacies to Palestinian comfort food and of course with a East London touch. Our food is a celebration of what is beautiful of the region from the colours and the flavours, born in the beautiful Mesopotamia we want to bring people around a table with the beautiful colours and flavours of each country and different region. It’s our way of bringing the Middle East to you on a plate.

We have a strong emphasis to use independent local suppliers to contribute to the amazing local businesses, which have inspired us to invest in the area. Our Merguez sausages is hand made from Meat N16 on Church Street, our Vegetable + Fruits supplier is two doors down to us, our Coffee is supplied by Allpress which is based in Dalston, our Salmon is from the Fishmongers on Stoke Newington High Street sourced from Billingsgate fish market. This is our way of contributing to the local economy and supporting our neighbours.

We also encourage customer to bring their own cups for take away coffee to reduce one off use take away cups, we sell BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup) TA coffee for only £2 which is nearly a 40% discount, even though we use 100% biodegradable TA coffee cups we still believe there is much to do to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have partnered with WarChild UK to support them in their cause to help children who have been affected by wars around the world, in this respect we will be donating 20% our profits to WarChild UK to raise awareness and help fund their life changing work around the world, we also sell books for £5 which is donated directly into WarChild UK Charity Box. Having roots based in the Middle East in particular Kurdistan we know the problems caused by war and the devastating impact on childrens lives, which is one of the reasons why Ali + Cemals parents emigrated to the UK, this motivated us to help children from our region as well as around the world.

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Innocent children deserve better


If you would like to collaborate and help us help WarChild by hiring the space or work on events or have any creative ideas we would love to hear them - hello@215hackney.co.uk

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